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Annamária Rotár

fellow of Bridge Budapest, Konetik, Budapest
  • Aftermovie - Annamária Rotár

  • The End

    What has changed since the start of the application? The last 6 months have been decisive to me. I finished my MSc studies, saying farewell to the endless series of my years at the university.
  • Destination: Germany

    When I first heard of our office in Germany, I could not wait to have the chance to visit Berlin. I have already heard and read a lot of the special atmosphere in the city.
  • Creativity, change and measurability: an average day in a nutshell

    The reason why I like marketing is that it combines three factors that are important to me: • One can create spectacular things if one uses his/her creativity • It has a lot of tools from online channels to guerrilla marketing, which change, evolve all the time, thus one cannot get bored of them • Its performance is measurable I would like to use these three lenses to present the everyday life at Konetik.
  • The first days at Konetik

    I started my scholarship as a marketing manager at Konetik in the second week of October. Leaving the culture of a big corporation and joining a startup meant a 180 degree turn to me. I was used to a strong hierarchy, uniform offices, and then I found myself in the middle of a constantly changing environment, where I was in an office with a full height fantasy feature wall and bicycles leaned to the wall.