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Brigitta Puskás

fellow of Bridge Budapest, Prezi, San Francisco, 2016
  • Aftermovie - Brigitta Puskás

  • Discovering Silicon Valley

    How much does one feel him or herself in the Silicon Valley? I think pretty much. Though if gnawing hunger is making you search for the nearest foodtruck, then perhaps it is not the case; but in any other case however you cannot help but notice that you are being there.
  • Can you go through a cultural shock in California?

    Silicon Valley is in California, and if there is a place in the world that does not sell a pig in a poke, then it is California. You would expect palm trees and the rumbling of the ocean, and you get it.
  • Changes, changes, changes

    I feel very lucky to have had the chance to work at Prezi in a period like it was at the beginning of 2016.
  • 5 things in which marketing is different at Prezi

    It is Wednesday morning 9 o’clock, Susannah, Content Marketing Manager of Prezi and I are sitting with our mugs of coffee in one of the meeting rooms of Prezi: the phone call with a colleague of the White House is about to start.
  • First Impressions

    "Okay, the Golden Gate and the ocean shore are beautiful, but quite seriously, tell me what is working for Prezi like!?" – this is the question posed by everyone nowadays.