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Doris Heisler

fellow of Bridge Budapest, Nanushka, Budapest
  • The life of a markering intern

    Let’s go back quickly to last year. The office Christmas party was held in the last week before Christmas and not only was it fun but also very informative. The first part was actually more like a workshop than a party, with presentations and talks
  • Being a marketing intern

    In the last month I have had some tasks in which I had to research tools and got to know some really interesting tools. More and more I am learning how important it is to keep track of the, let’s call it the lifecycle of a customer.
  • Life at Nanushka

    For me the fellowship started out with a two-day onboarding meeting, where I not only got to know the other inters, but the start-up culture and its most important aspects. We talked about our previous experiences and what we thought could be learnt from them. Also we expressed what we expected from the fellowship, such as what we could learn, how we would fit in the start-up culture, and what we could do to ensure that we got the most out of it.