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Ramóna Tanay

fellow of Bridge Budapest, PublishDrive, Budapest
  • Aftermovie - Ramóna Tanay

  • Each End is a New Beginning - Six Months at PublishDrive

    In my last blog post I am presenting - as some kind of a summary - how I evaluate the last six months, what I have learned from PublishDrive and how to follow.
  • London Book Fair 2017 With PublishDrive

    Just as in the most industries, there are great events that mobilize the whole trade in book industry as well. One of these events was the London Book Fair, which I also could visit through PublishDrive.
  • Everyday Life of a Marketing Trainee at PublishDrive

    As I have already written, startups call marketing employees as growth hackers. I also work for PublishDrive in this position and below I would like to present how my everyday life goes by and on what projects I have worked so far and am working now.
  • Life at a Startup

    You can hear a lot about how different everyday life is at startup companies than at traditional big companies. Flexibility, young and pleasant environment and creative attitude are almost always mentioned in connection with every startup as attractive factors, but what is true of all this?