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Tamás Csonka

fellow of Bridge Budapest, Mosaik, Budapest
  • Pirate Summit - Part II

    We woke up with the right and necessary excitement on the morning following the first day. After breakfast, we went immediately to the festival. The first remarkable thing was that it was much more crowded than on the preceding day, as everybody had arrived.
  • Pirate Summit - Part I

    Surprising as it may be, my internship was not about being in the office all the time—and I do not mean the great garden to sit if the weather was fine. I had the chance, however, to spend 3 days in a completely different place, as we visited the Pirate-Summit Startup Festival in Cologne, Germany.
  • What you can learn at a Startup?

    There is one thing that is continuous, constant and growing at a startup: learning. You have to learn something new every day. You will not survive otherwise. :)
  • How is it like to work at a startup for real?

    When you hear “Startup”, the following things come immediately to your mind: Cool, Awesomeness, Directness, Table Tennis Table and lots of IT words. These are all true. However, these things incorporate a great amount of time and hard work invested in this lifestyle. People may arrive at 11 a.m., but work straight until 1 p.m.