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Balogh Péter -long version

Another Hungarian worldwide success story, NNG has joined Bridge Budapest to develop and encourage the new generation of the entrepreneurs in Hungary. NNG’s ethos and objectives fit well with the objectives of Bridge Budapest. The success was born from an innovative, original idea and this creativity is still essential for continuous innovation, employee orientation. It’s important to give back the more it is possible to give back to Hungary. "It is the point for us to keep the company’s headquarter and development center at home. We believe in the ability of Hungarian developers. We would like to show an example to all those who sweeps the idea of starting a business in Hungary from the desktop. Dare to think, create, and the result is impressive."- said Peter Balogh, CEO and co-founder of NNG. "We are proud to have NNG’s join. We would like to live in a Hungary, where the confidence is A Hungary that is confident in its knowledge and its results, plus a world that knows about it. We believe NNG is a good example. They achieved worldwide success starting from Hungary, by solving a problem, which has improved the orientation of the world " - said Peter Árvai , the President of Bridge Budapest, CEO and co-founder of Prezi. (hungarian content)