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Péter Halácsy: “One of the most exciting projects of the internet is here in Budapest”

He is the co-founder and business development director of Prezi, the co-founder of Bridge Budapest. In his view a product has to be sexy so that everyone wants to have it. When he first saw the early version of the presentation tool, he said right away: “I want it”. He thinks that we would be much happier if we considered the literal interpretation of the proverb: “Every man is the architect of his own future”. He appreciates if someone is able to make others’ lives more effective and cheaper. He was watching TV in a hotel room switching between channels, when on BBC he accidentally heard and saw people talking about Prezi. He was surprised and happy of course. Earlier he was the one who helped connect the other founders of the company, Péter Árvai and Ádám Somlai-Fischer. He was on his way to become a new media researcher and obtain his doctorate in IT language when he finally gave in to Prezi’s invitation. He used to live in San Francisco for two years but moved back to Hungary because he thinks that one of the most exciting projects related to the internet is currently here in Budapest. In his opinion if we do not like something, we have to be straightforward about it, regardless of the fact that it might be unpleasant or uncomfortable because it will not change otherwise. He thinks that life is like a computer game where you get to a certain level and you see new possibilities in front of you – he mentions a company or his own life as an example. The problem with corruption is that it harms effectiveness and result-oriented attitude in general, money is not earned on the basis of performance and knowledge but based on personal relations and contacts. Halácsy would like to see more authentic, deeply experienced success stories.