Last destination

The last stage of my fellowship was Shanghai again, I attended an automotive conference, where NNG was presenting too.

South China

I had the luck to visit several cities inside China. After my first week in Shanghai, I flew to Shenzhen with Simon who is an employee of the local NNG office.

Sanghaj – first part

After Korea, I flew to Shanghai as the first stop in my China tour. Everyone knows that China is developing very fast, but they make sure you notice it. From the airport to the city center, you can choose the maglev train, which brings you in just about 8 minutes. This is the only magnetic levitation train in public use on the Globe. During the 30 km trip, it speeds up above 300 km/h. That was my first experience in China. Impressive.

Few days in Seoul

As the first destination of my Bridge Budapest fellowship, I’ve spent 5 days in Seoul, South-Korea. One of NNG’s partners, Harman international has a research & development office here. I had the chance to take a look into the everyday work here.