Fruzsina Mezei

Fruzsina Mezei

fellow of Bridge Budapest, Synetiq, Budapest, 2017

3 things that make marketing at Synetiq different

Being a marketer at Synetiq is different from the usual in many aspects. Here are a couple things I’ve thought is worth sharing when evaluating my experiences: 

  1. No measurement = no improvement 

While data-driven thinking is more and more prominent in marketing, it is often just a buzz word that marketers use to seem up-to-date, rather than actually implementing it in their day-to-day work. While it is true that practices can improve without quantifying results,  without measuring it’s hard to identify what exactly caused the improvement. At Synetiq we’re constantly experimenting, measuring and analysing results. For Q1 in 2018 one of the OKRs was to set up at least 15 experiments to figure out customer preferences and boost sales. Most of these were implemented in the marketing function. We’ve experimented with website designs, Facebook posting times and created ’fake door’ reports, measuring which one got the most engagement from target groups. The challenge, however, is to work with the data effectively.  Digging into trends and acquiring real insights takes time. We take this at Synetiq very seriously.

You can’t improve what you don’t measure – The motto of Synetiq 

  1. It’s not marketing, it’s education

It is often difficult to approach potential clients with a new concept.  This is why at Synetiq we approach the market mostly with educational content, aiming to equip customers with the knowledge needed to make to most out of our services. This approach is about creating content that delivers real value to the target group – something that solves the issues that keep them awake at night. Potential clients must be educated to understand the quality and value of results that are produced when they engage with our emotional insights, before we try to sell them anything. In January we’ve started a blog, pushing out educational content about what neuromarketing is. Here we also publish each month’s top 3 adverts and other ad performance reviews. A FAQ page has been added to our website, to cater to clients’ most frequent questions regarding neuromarketing and our services.  My first project – creating client testimonial videos – also address issues that our product can solve – presenting real world problems of marketing managers. Watch here.

2018 Q1 OKR workshop

  1. OKRs

Marketing at Synetiq doesn’t exist on its own. The OKR (Objectives and Key Results) system ensures that marketing at Synetiq  is result oriented with clear priorities, supporting the work of whichever function we’re pushing in that quarter. The big difference from traditional planning methods is that OKRs are frequently set, tracked, and re-evaluated – we do this quarterly. A goal has to describe both what you will achieve and how you are going to measure this achievement. We sit down for an OKR workshop every 3 months to score the current OKRs of all functions and set the new ones. Everyone, including the marketing team (aka. me) – knows where we are heading and focuses on activities that make these objectives happen. It’s much nicer to work with a team where results are aligned and achievements are transparent. After all, our biggest common goal is to bring the company forward!