Luca Morovián

Luca Morovián

fellow of Bridge Budapest, Ustream, San Francisco, 2014

5.5 weird things during my internship

5. San Francisco, the kaleidoscope city

On my first day I was fascinated by the city of San Francisco. It is very variable and diverse, the cityscape can change extraordinary fast. For example, in the financial district, you can see only skyscrapers and decent business men. But only a few streets away from here, old Chinese men are playing mahjong on the streets of Chinatown.

4. Beware, dog in the office!

I think the dogs surprised me the most on my first day at Ustream. Ustream is a dog friendly office. I think it’s a great idea, that the people can bring their dog to work. It’s good for the dog and good for the workers too. (Plus, it’s so great to pet them. 🙂

3. Cards and cards and wow, I’ve got another one!

I never had so many cards before! I have cards for traveling, paying, shopping or even for using the elevator!

2. Thursday? Presentation day!

There is a presentation, or some kind of event on every Thursday at Ustream. We usually take a delicious lunch together and at the same time there is a speech concerning Ustream, or other interesting subjects (eg. healthy living, human rights).

1. OMG a totally stranger is talking to me again!

If you are buying a hamburger, or just waiting for the bus in San Francisco, somebody will probably talk to you. But people in US don’t usually talk about weather, or other modest subjects. So, prepare yourself for questions like this: “Why do you have winter coat on?” “I like your shirt! Where did you buy it?” “Hey, nice hair!” “Why did you come here?”

0.5. Gyula in the meeting room