Gergő Horányi

Gergő Horányi

fellow of Bridge Budapest, Prezi, San Francisco, 2013

An unexpected continuation of an adventure

Many people asks, what’s changed in my life since I applied for the Bridge Budapest Fellowship. I have to say, a lot.

Let’s start from the beginnig. When I applied, I had a great, exciting and well paying job in Switzerland. I came home to see how life is going in Hungary. After all, Budapest is where I feel myself really at home. Thanks to Bridge Budapest Fellowship, now I found people and a company, where I’m challenged day by day and where I’m happy to start my days. Bridge Budapest literally changed all my days.

And that’s not everything. My fellowship did not end after I landed at Budapest. I am feeling like something just started. Though all fellows of Bridge Budapest see their future differently, there is something in common: we are all interested in entrepreneurship, we are enthusiastic, we believe that it’s possible to achieve global success right from Budapest and we would like to tell this to others. And the Bridge Budapest helps us finding great partners in this. We are still just brainstorming, but I am optimistic as we are full of ideas. Budapest becoming a technology hub year after year. The changes are obvious. I see the people aroung Bridge Budapest as people ready to push this even more. And you know: we dream and we do.