Simon Forgács

Simon Forgács

fellow of Bridge Budapest, LogMeIn, Boston, 2013

Arrival to Boston and my first day at the Office


I was still waiting for my departure at the San Francisco airport when I accidently ran into Eric—a good friend from Santiago—who was also flying to one of the oldest city in the country: Boston!  Thanks to his company the flight was fast and entertaining. After my arrival I immediately went for a quick walk in the city center which was clean and tidy as expected, packed with skyscrapers but the moment I left this inner circle the face of the city changed to 3-4 floor lovely red brick buildings with black painted firewalls on the sides. Boston next to being one of the oldest city is also one of the global center of innovation with first class universities such as the Harvard and MIT which acts as a magnets for young talents.

My flat was just a few blocks away from the LogMeIn Summer Streets office so I start every morning with a nice walk next to the Boston Tea Party Museum.

On my first day a very tall and young looking guy was waiting for me at the entrance of the shiny new LogMeIn building. His name was Brian and he is the Senior Director, UX and Product Designer (and also my supervisor) at the Boston office. Brian was extremely professional from day one and did everything to make me feel at home during the program. He gaved me a tour in the building (which by itself deserves an individual post) and introduced me to many including Michael Simons one of the founders of the company who was surprisingly—or not—sitting in the same room with everyone else. Not far from Michael’s desk Brian showed mine where everything was mindfully set up already, waiting for my arrival. I felt great! After the tour and meeting many great people Brian and I sat down in a calm corner, he opened his large note book and orange pen he always used and asked me: “What do you need in the following weeks and how can I help you?”