Annamária Rotár

Annamária Rotár

fellow of Bridge Budapest, Konetik, Budapest, 2016

Creativity, change and measurability: an average day in a nutshell

The reason why I like marketing is that it combines three factors that are important to me:

  • One can create spectacular things if one uses his/her creativity
  • It has a lot of tools from online channels to guerrilla marketing, which change, evolve all the time, thus one cannot get bored of them
  • Its performance is measurable

I would like to use these three lenses to present the everyday life at Konetik.


As a marketer I have the duty to help the work on the creative publication of marketing materials and the design of unique flyers with an endless number of ideas. Since I have worked in a team, we have already planned a product presentation, flyers, molinos, stress-balls, team T-shirts. I enjoy how the common brainstorming sessions slowly yield tangible results which I can show proudly to others.

One of the major projects we are currently working on is the rethinking of our website. This is an exciting task as it gives a lot of opportunities to rethink the entire visitor experience and to improve the pitfalls of the current process.

Never-ending change

Nowadays, product life-cycles undergo constant change and development. It is not enough anymore to have a ready-box product which one just needs to sell. Our software service package is also a continuously changing and evolving organism, the roadmap of which evolves dynamically month by month. Thanks to this its image and marketing communication do not remain the same for too long. I am always surprised by how rapidly the development direction of a product is changed by customer demands and the market setting. No matter if we make production presentation materials, the new ideas and directions with which we can make the whole thing even more complete keep coming. What used to be a new direction yesterday might easily become outdated if you do not pay attention.


No matter how creative the idea or how exciting the design is, if it does not have any impact on the target audience, then the project becomes self-serving. As it is also indicated by the position itself, I like organising and structuring my work, which is also shown by my commitment to measure results. Therefore I started to set up my own marketing KPI (Key Performance Indicator) systems already in the first months. I have used every Monday morning since then to review data from the last week. I then take account of my empire: how does each campaign perform, what should be improved. It always gives new momentum for the week and to the new challenges.