Ramóna Tanay

Ramóna Tanay

fellow of Bridge Budapest, PublishDrive, Budapest, 2016

Each End is a New Beginning – Six Months at PublishDrive

In my last blog post I am presenting—as some kind of a summary—how I evaluate the last six months, what I have learned from PublishDrive and how to follow.

A practice of six months is in any case determinative for a trainee in that he has enough time to have an overlook of the work he does and to understand what and why he does, what has what effect, what duties he has, what positions he fills and—altogether—what he is responsible for.

As I have already written perhaps before the most difficult task for me was to understand that a small-staffed startup has no resources to use several people to work on processes. In a word everyone has his own field and although we have continuous communication with and give all support to each other there is a responsible associate for each job.  This was an enormous challenge for a marketing man (growth hacker) of a startup in the beginning however it was super to feel that you see the result of your work at once. Learning this and taking the rhythm took some time but by now I do my jobs self-confidently and productively thanks to the super team of PublishDrive that has given me all support and help from the beginning.

The other thing that cause me often difficulties is time management. I work in a way that gather the list of the things to be done in Evernote which is—you can think—a never ending list and in which you always need to select the priorities. It is often not easy because when you get a task and think you can finish it soon you bring it forward while there are much more important tasks to prioritize that might take even a half day but doing that is a must. I am continuously working on the solution using various techniques in order to be able to do my jobs as efficiently as possible.

In picking up this which is only a fraction of what I have learned during the last 6 months I strove to do my work as well as possible. The several one-on-one-meetings with Kinga (CEO of PublishDrive) when we talked over my difficulties, in what she could help me and what I think about my work and jobs were of much help to be. They gave me a good feedback and Kinga could also see in what I need help and always received a couple of good advices how to follow. Although these six months have ended soon I have learned a lot of which I highlight the following.

During the six months I have learned:

  • what is working for a startup like
  • what does my position (growth hacker) mean
  • what is real teamwork like
  • what software is available to make the life of startups easier
  • how to manage social media campaigns
  • why content production is important for a startup
  • how to establish relations in a digital world
  • how to manage your time and why time management is important

The list is not complete and I still have to learn a lot of things. Naturally I will have an opportunity to do so because I will follow my work started for PublishDrive after the end of my practice. I wish all Bridge Budapest fellows of the next years to have such a super six months of a practice I could have.