Luca Szegletes

Luca Szegletes

fellow of Bridge Budapest, Prezi, San Francisco, 2013

Hamburger, user tests and why I loved to spend my time at Prezi

Sunday afternoon, Christopher from Prezi invited us for dinner (THE hamburger). If Dante had known Christopher, he wouldn’t call God in the paradise “the point” (which is infinite in its dimension), but “the hamburger” (which is also complete in its dimensions).

Meeting the hamburger was life-changing for me, since that moment I’ve written different poems about its glory. I used to perfom these songs in the intimate privacy of my room. My loyal audience were the refrigerator and the microwave. They were cheering with pure enthusiasm.

But getting this post back to my work at Prezi, in addition to my role of a professional ghost, I started to work on user tests for an internal project. I had to create different hypotheses, write a test scenario and find people to be our test subjects. As it can be seen from my posts, my softskills aren’t the best. After the first user test (which can be interpreted as an intense conversation) I was quite miserable but Callie—who is the UX Researcher in the team—helped me a lot, spending extra time with me, dealing with my problems for hours, sending me papers about everything: how I should write a research plan for an interview and how a user report should look like.

In the end, I think every developer should at least once go through this process. It’s really important to face our users in real life environment and see what they really thinks about our application.

And what I love the most at Prezi is that I feel myself not a female engineer, just an engineer. And this feeling is awesome.