Péter Sebestyén

Péter Sebestyén

fellow of Bridge Budapest, BOOKR Kids, Budapest, 2016

“Hey! How is the place, what do you do, are the others okay?”

Your friends usually ask such questions whenever you go to a new workplace. I can tell you that I have everything here which, I admit, does not sound quite specific but believe me, this is the truth.

Let’s have a look at my duties so far, coming from the “old” past to the present. I have already written texts for the press, brainstormed about our pricing methods, created and managed social media content, searched for developers, optimised online ads, created newsletters, planned campaigns, elaborated smoke tests (which I first thought to have something to do with the alarm technology and not development), researched brand personalities, provided webinars to foreign clients, been to one of the largest tech conferences of the world and I can’t even remember the rest.

With Gergő, our developer, at CeBit

It’s not boring, that’s for sure. Every new day comes with a new challenge. By now, my main field, provided that one can talk about such a thing at a startup has become B2B sales and digital marketing but this will presumably change all the time, depending on the current focus of the company. It is especially true for an innovative company that we try to allocate our resources in the light of feedbacks from the market which is of course very similar to multinational companies but is indeed much more pronounced here.