Simon Forgács

Simon Forgács

fellow of Bridge Budapest, LogMeIn, Boston, 2013

Life in the Budapest Office

LogMeIn is based in Boston with offices in London, Bangalore, Sydney and Budapest where the products are developed.  Most of LogMeIn’s UI and UX designers are based in Hungary and for this reason I started my fellowship in Budapest.

On my first day the whole UX team and myself were the guest of LogMeIn for lunch where I could learn what tasks I can get involved while I’m in the Budapest office.

I learned also that there are no rules carved in stone here. For example you can leave your desk anytime, take a break, or leave the office.  Nobody will check on what you do. No one cares what road you choose as long as you can deliver great results.

I spent my time in the Budapest office working with Adam (the UX Designer of a LogMeIn product called Rescue) and Gyuri (the Lead UX Designer). I did most of my work while sitting (or sometimes lying) on a bean puff, listening to music—I was thinking constantly that this is when results matter and formalities don’t! I like that! It’s almost like working as a freelancer. The only difference is that in return for sacrificing some of your freedom you will get security in return, knowing for who and what you’re going to work even a year from now. This might eventually get boring after awhile—like almost everything else—but for me, it now looks exciting!

First I had to collect different Frontend states for Adam. I’ve got my second job from Gyuri the Lead UX Designer. I had to produce a clickable prototype based on his plans of a new feature so we can conduct usability tests. The goal of these tests is quick early feedback from real users that can lead to validations or iterations before a feature goes into production.

Unfortunately my time—what I really enjoyed—flew away quickly in the Budapest office. According to the current plans I will continue to work with Gyuri and Csongor from Boston. But for now I will board a plane to San Francisco for a long weekend of networking! 🙂