Fruzsina Mezei

Fruzsina Mezei

fellow of Bridge Budapest, Synetiq, Budapest, 2017


November and December were well exciting months at Synetiq! The end of year craziness that’s so characteristic of all companies was on at Synetiq as well. While larger companies are busy closing their financial years at this time of the year and preparing for the next one, we, as a small (khm… medium sized) startup still very much lived in the present and focused on what this year will bring us. We hosted events, we attended events, run campaigns, worked on our client relations, moved offices, won awards and the Google Launchpad Accelerator Program (!), and most importantly… we got all Christmassy!

One of the highlights of these months was hosting our very first Client Breakfast a.k.a Lab visit for potential clients where Csenge, the Head of Client Services introduced potential clients to our methods of measuring emotional reactions to ads. We decided that it would be great to connect this informative event with breakfast and some informal chit chat, and ohh what a good idea this turned out to be. Who wouldn’t love a yummy breakfast and some coffee while learning about innovative market research methodology? We worked a lot with organising this relatively short, two-hour event. My main task was to come up with marketing material/Christmas gift for our guests. After careful consideration and above-average squishy brains as previous gifts, I presented some ideas, from which this beauty was chosen: 

Not to mention, the event was a great success. The plan is to do more of these in the future. Wanting to extend our client base we first and foremost need to educate our customers about what neuromarketing is and what we do exactly, and such events are great opportunities to do so. In return, we also get a greater understanding of what our clients think about neuromarketing; what concerns they have and what excites them. 


Hosting the very first Synetiq Client lab visit & breakfast

Besides the Lab visit, there was a lot “the marketing department” worked on in these weeks. As Synetiq’ team grew quite significantly in the past months (we’re still hiring!), I also took the responsibility of getting the new, extended team up and running on our website. After many phone calls, 2 photographers employed, 38 pictures edited, 18 bios written and 8 WordPress extensions tested, you can see the final product here

Since my last post I’ve also become a self-made expert in social media advertising, especially in Facebook ads. I’ve spent some time every week to educate myself about how the Facebook Advert Manager works and how a B2B company can get out the most of social media advertising. Now, I’m responsible for creating, supervising and editing Synetiq’s Facebook ads. We’ve been also rethinking out Instagram and Twitter page, and our website as well, with which we’re still in the brainstorming phase. Working on these has an unusual workflow; we created a document on a shared platform to which all of us can contribute with pictures, comments, blog post ideas (depending on the media outlet). Thanks to this, we usually end up with a variety of great ideas to choose from at the end, which makes our #lifeatsynetiq hashtag so exquisite. 

The achievement I was the most proud of in the last weeks was Synetiq being chosen to take part in Google’s Launchpad Accelerator program with an intensive two week bootcamp in San Francisco, mentoring from expert mentors at top technology companies in Silicon Valley and  bringing home a large sum of investment. Our four functions leads will fly off to San Fransisco in February and when coming back, they’ll make Synetiq even more successful than it is now! To top all this, we also received a lovable workplace award from and we were one of the few companies who could attend the lovely gala event organised for the best contesters. The initiative to establish a lovable workplace award  really appealed to me and it was awesome to come together to celebrate with organisations who really embrace how their employees feel at work. (If you’re interested in our profile, check it out here.) And how did we embrace the happiness of our team?


Our new office 

Well one of the biggest change in the life of our little (it’s medium sized, really) team is that we moved! We have a much larger, more beautiful place around the corner from the last office, that can accommodate the growing team. We’ve all took part in moving all the stuff and assembling the new office (great teambuilding activity btw) and we started to make the office all christmassy straight away for our ‘Pimp your desk Championship’. Here, the goal was to decorate your desk with “boughs of holly” and at the end of December the Most Beautiful Desk of Christmas will be chosen and the will win an awesome prize. Of course, our Christmas spirit didn’t stop here. Our Synetiq-style Secret Santa was also on, where instead of just buying one gift, we’ve surprised the person with little treats for a whole week, trying not to reveal ourselves of course. We’ve all made each other’s week, the Christmas mood was really lit in the office! For a finishing Holiday touch, we’ll be having a Christmas celebration on the last workday where we’ll cook, play board games and most importantly… announce the winner of the 2017 Pimp your Desk Competition. I’m excited for the remaining adventures of 2017 and looking forward to the new challenges 2018 brings into the life of Synetiqians.