Joint research by Edisonplatform and Gemius Hungary

“The Spring months have shown that what we have long suspected will be indispensable in the future are not only theories or future sci-fi scenarios, but are already key today: adaptability, problem-solving, creativity have been essential to survive the past. And children are alike…” said Rita Veres, Head of Strategy at Edisonplatform. The two most important family benefits of recent turbulant actions: 56% of respondents learned a lot from this difficult period, and on the other hand, there was more conversation and attention in families (46%). The children learned independence and became closer to the digital space. The biggest danger that children can bear in the long run and have to deal with is the lack of peers and friends. The biggest concern of Hungarian parents, according to 8 out of 10 respondents, is that children have lost touch with their friends, and even 5 out of 10 parents have identified loneliness, isolation as the most critical long-term dangers in their lives.

The research was carried out by Edisonplatform together with Gemius Hungary and represents the Hungarian Internet-using population over the age of 18, who are raising children aged 3-14. “Our main goal was to see a clear picture even in a very emotional and turbulent period, and to understand how the past months have affected the lives of families, children, how they have struggled, to help draw lessons and thus prepare for the future. . This is important to us as well, which is why we supported the research.” said Borbála Baittrok, research manager at Gemius Hungary. And it was possible to learn, and not a little, and this was confirmed by the respondents, 56 percent said that they had learned a lot from the difficulties of recent months, so it became the most important benefit of this difficult period.

The full research report could be found here.