We launched a new certification system of the Conscious Business Culture initiative!

To strengthen the community of Conscious Business Players, Bridge Budapest is introducing a new system that, in addition to the self-assessment test, gives our members the opportunity to gain a higher level of certification. The certification system contributes to increasing trust between companies, developing cooperation between members, and enabling them to translate certification into market value for their partners and clients.

The certification system distinguishes four categories, which are associated with a logo that can be used on different public surfaces:

  1. Conscious Business Player
    They have already completed or will complete the self-assessment test and will reach at least 80%.
  2. Good Example Business Player
    They serve as good examples for others in any of the areas studied, which can be shared in writing on our interface.
  3. Certified Business Player
    They meet all qualification criteria and join the community as a Certified Member.
  4. Ambassador
    A Certified Business Player can become an Ambassador. The Ambassador has a prominent role in the certification system and in the communication activities of the initiative. As a spokesperson for the case, they are keen to share their business history and experience with the public and help prepare others for this role.

Apply to become a Certified Business Player here: https://vallalhato.hu/
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