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About Us
Bridge Budapest is a Hungarian entrepreneurial founded NGO. We have credibility and experience to promote company strength for the purpose of building a Hungary that is confident in its ability to produce results and provide knowledge. We have experienced that global economy and growth of technology can help companies easier and quicker to go global. That’s why global success founding companies, NNG, LogMeIn, Prezi and Ustream (today IBM Budapest Lab), joined in helping the people of Hungary to take advantage of this opportunity. Our intention is to provide evidence that it is possible to join the competitive world from Hungary. We produce tools to catalyse the process of new opportunities for people to realize their ability and influence their future.
Bridge budapest’s programs
The stories of the enterprises determine the future of a country. We have decided to redefine and rehabilitate the concept of entrepreneurship in Hungary. We share the stories of people who are proud of their businesses led by talent and results because the competitiveness of Hungary depends on creative and innovative, aware enterprises.
We empower Hungary’s future leaders to inspire and build a Hungary that is proud of its achievements and knowledge. We gather 10 leaders in the fields of culture, business, media, politics and NGOs that we believe will be among the 100 most influential Hungarians in 10 years. This is a unique initiative, an executive, invitation-based mentoring program.
Unique video knowledge transfer platform for business beginners. There are many questions when a company wants to conquer the global market. We collected some basic questions, that the professionals working for LogMeIn, NNG, Prezi and Ustream are trying to get answers to every day.
We offer a 6-month-long paid fellowship program for Hungarian talents to gain practical experience and inspiration from the most promising startups founded in Hungary. During the program fellows can grow professionally and experience startup culture and environment. They turn what they have learnt at school into practical work experience and create real value by working on tasks which have high business impact.

Bridge Fund

we have stories
to share.
The fellows of Bridge Budapest have united to build a community. The members of the Alumni have decided to cooperate with other young individuals to brainstorm, plan and build together. Their goal is to create and maintain a community based on talent and ideas.