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We represent a co-operation of entrepreneurs setting out from rapidly developing and internationally successful Hungary, and we strive to improve our world and create jobs with our globally used products and rapidly growing businesses. We believe that we can make a positive contribution through sharing stories of successful Hungarian entrepreneurships. We are a non-profit association, sponsored by our founding companies. The Chair of the Association is Péter Árvai, CEO and co-founder of Prezi.

We want to show

that with just a single idea, it is possible to create products and enterprises that fulfil the needs of a society and make dreams come true. Fortunately, this does not require any magic, just a lot of work and a little bit of luck. We cannot imagine just how much opportunity there is out there.


Seagate Technologies

Bridge Fund

The members of Bridge Fund are entrepreneurs with great success stories related to Hungary; who are proud of what they have achieved and who believe that sharing their experience could inspire the country. Becoming a member of Bridge Fund is only possible through invitation. Apart from organizational and operational contributions, they also provide financial support for Bridge Budapest.

We believe that entrepreneurs do the most in their environment if they create good workplaces. The more aware they are, the more perspective they have, the more open they are then Hungary will be more successful. We need more evidence to prove it is possible to build authentic stories. Success needs a group of committed entrepreneurs where members contribute to this process significantly by sharing their stories, knowledge and experience and also would like to join the well-known founders. This is why we established Bridge Fund.

Zoltán Györkő and Balázs Scheidler


“Back in the day we had to make a big decision early on. If we chose the short-term option with profitability in mind then Balabit would not got as far. An experience like this could be an important guide for an entrepreneur who starts now.”

Gábor Pozsonyi

Magnet Közösségi Bank

“With Bridge Fund we will work on spreading the best examples whom operate with an aware business approach which goes beyond the operation of the enterprise itself.”

Nikolett Blaskó

ACG Reklámügynökség

“If we can create comparative wages, more transparent and cleaner working environments then more young talents will choose to look for a job in Hungary. I joined Bridge Fund because Bridge Budapest has significant result in the field of talent management.”

Károly Gerendai


“If more and more entrepreneur embraces the fact that the way of success and improvement contains diversified operation, fragmented exposure, ongoing struggle – that could benefit the entrepreneurial culture at home.”

Richárd Hampuk

Person Group

“I joined Bridge Fund because I had the eager to work with other entrepreneurs who are similar to us, who knows the importance of a developing business environment in Hungary where performance values more than reputation.”

Richárd Rajnai

Kötéltechnika Ltd

“I believe everyone has results which can be communicated and shared and that could help others. I consider the multiplication of these individual performances the success of the country.”


Veronika Pistyur

Bridge Budapest
Portrait of Rita Veres

Rita Veres

Head of Strategies
Portrait of Dalma Kormos
Bridge Budapest
Portrait of Vera Zana

Vera Zana

Aware Entrepreneurs
Project Manager