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Bridge Budapest Fellowship - Call for Fellows

Bridge Budapest offers a 6-month-long paid fellowship program for Hungarian talents (graduate, post-graduate, recently graduated university students) to gain practical experience and inspiration from the most innovative, promising startups founded in Hungary. During the program fellows can grow professionally and experience startup culture and environment. Bridge Budapest Fellows will turn what they have learnt at school into practical work experience and create real value by working on tasks which have high business impact.


Every day people create and develop ideas, but behind every idea there is always an individual, and usually also a company. Bridge Budapest offers you a chance to discover the inner workings of some of the most impressive globally oriented companies in Budapest.


The main goal of the fellowship is to create a meeting point among  ambitious young talent and the most promising startups founded in Hungary. Based on the feedback of the former fellows of Bridge Budapest, it was discovered that it is important for them to prove their competence at a growing company with even bigger impact. Often it is the only way for them to experience  the value that they have learnt in school.


Ten promising, Hungarian related startups are involved in the fellowship program which will take ten ambitious young talents into their companies starting in October for a six months long fellowship program. Usually most of the participants  come from Marketing, Sales, Computer Science and Design, but Bridge Budapest awaits for participants from every background. It has already happened that a chemical engineer proved to be the best to solve a marketing task, furthermore, there was one time when a self-educated designer, who is originally a special needs teacher did the most convincing designer job. The applicants will choose between the high business impact tasks.


Bridge Budapest offers the opportunity to the ten most convincing applicants. It doesn't matter what have you learnt or done before, you can choose the high business impact task of the startups that you like to most.


Participating companies and high business impact tasks

BOOKR Kids - Contributing to the development process of a new complex B2B2C product to provide platform and full-service solution at the same time to international publisher partners.


Brewie - Building international brewer community

The company focuses on innovative technologies in the beer industry with the mission to create novel, state-of-the-art products that either don't exist yet or need to be improved. 


tryfruit IT Academy - The task is to help to organize the ‘Year of Code’ challenge

This will be a series of free, weekly online programming assignments in multiple languages and countries. The fellow will learn programming (everybody learns programming who works with them, to have a first hand experience with their product and have a customer experience), work with local translators to localize our content (curriculum, marketing) and coordinate the campaign & local ambassadors.


Konetik - The goal of the project would be to create and start to execute the product marketing plan for Konetik data driven car management solution

This task includes getting familiar with the core product of Konetik, competitive landscape and further develop the competitive analysis. Identifying and analyzing best practices in positioning, marketing communication. Work on the branding in close collaboration with the management of Konetik. Planning communication, creating content marketing strategy. Fine tune our online marketing activities. The research and planning should be conducted both in English and German so being fluent in both languages is necessary. The successful applicant should based in Budapest, but the assignment includes business travels to Konetik HQ, based in German Tech Entrepreneurship Center in Berlin.


SpringTab - The fellow will be part of building the next version of SpringTab, it's first deep learning algorithm

The task is to make APIs and data bases work together to extrapolate identified user information to the anonymous one and create a real time personalization engine.


Kemialytics - Participating in the development of a platform for the academic public as a developer

On this platform the researchers could directly benefit from their scientific achievements.


PublishDrive - The task is to increase the number of customers in our platform

Creative and cutting-edge business development and/or growth hacking techniques during trade shows or online business development activities.


Mosaik - Contributing to the launch of Mosaik Academy, where they will teach for example Data Science, Product Management and User Experience

The courses range from 1 day to 12 weeks. They want to make education accessible for anyone who wants to grow a career in the tech industry.They also want to launch a top-notch accelerator to help local startups to grow and to access the global markets, and they want to open the program for international teams too to get the most talented teams to relocate to Budapest for at least for the duration of the program. The task is to help with these programs.


Antavo - Generating new business opportunities through creative email/LinkedIn outreach campaigns

The goal is to engage with leading eCommerce companies worldwide. The fellow will learn and work with the most advanced sales tools: Datanyze, Hubspot, PersistIQ.


Be-Novative - Creating and preparing a strategy about how Be-novative can support SMEs and startups in their innovation processes

Their methodology already works well in large corporations but they believe that we can support smaller entities as well to innovate in their product, service and team development strategies.The Fellow’s prior task would be to map out the  opportunities in the SME and startup sector, interview startup and SME leaders, draw conclusion from the result and plan!





How can you apply?

  1. Fill in the application form HERE

  2. Send us your 1-min-long video intro in English about “What do I look for in a company?”
  3. Send us a short essay in English


NEW Application deadline:

8 August 2016

23:59, 14 August 2016 


Decision notification:

August-September 2016


Period of the fellowship:

From October 1 2016


Application Video (1 min)

Answer the following question! Record yourself using any camera, and send/attach your answer in English on the form, as a link. Your video should not be longer than one minute:

“What do I look for in a company?”

Please upload your video to a video-platform (vimeo or youtube), and copy the link  on your form. If you upload and attach the link, you accept the fact that we may share it on a public forum.


Application Essay (Max 10 sentences)

Tell us something impressive, that you personally built or achieved.


If you have any questions, please contact: Vera Zana

We offer

Bridge Budapest offers an amazing fellowship opportunity to the 10 most impressive applicants.

During the fellowship you will

  • get a mentor from an impressive company in your chosen field to help you get the most out of your fellowship
  • develop skills from real tasks that have business impact
  • work within a team
  • experience startup environment
  • Earn up to 120.000 Ft net/month


Share your experiences with as many others as possible, so that an ever wider circle can know about us and also be inspired.


  • 4 blog posts about your experiences during your fellowship;

  • a 5-minute film with a smartphone or gopro, which seeks answers to the following questions: 

    • How did you profit from the program?

    • What was your most important experience during your internship?
    • What were the most definitive experiences?
    • What would you like to change in your life, following the internship program?