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Gábor Osztroluczki

fellow of Bridge Budapest, Prezi, San Francisco, 2016
  • Aftermovie - Gábor Osztroluczki

  • Servers in the Cloud

    I had conversations with the people working at Prezi, the locals at the meetups, the owners of houses rented through Airbnb and I always asked them to tell me something about the situation a couple of years ago, when the great brands of today like Airbnb and Lyft were still forming in cafés.
  • Community Life and Meetups

    San Francisco has created a rapidly developing community based mostly on the technology industry in the recent decades. Creators of everyday tools such as Jira, Confluence, GitHub, Eventbrite are all there in the town. And the best thing is that you can ask questions from them.
  • The supplier

    You can hear it everywhere that continuous integration is a must and one must give as much and as soon as possible to the client or user. Just to avoid that they make up their mind or to find out as soon as possible that they would want something in a different way.
  • The Team