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Orsolya Vásárhelyi

fellow of Bridge Budapest, NNG, India, Japan, South-Korea, 2015
  • Tuned car wonders and rewarded failures – report from Japan

    Japan has a charming side but also a perplexing one. Cutting-edge technology and courtesy are coupled with authoritarianism and the punishment of just critics in business life.
  • Aftermovie - Orsolya Vásárhelyi

  • So does a Hungarian business in India after living there for four years

    Why do Indians like to do business so much? How can someone from Europe do business with them? What do they do with boisterous monkeys? Third part of the Asia report by Orsi Vásárhelyi.
  • Chaos, traffic jams, and success in high heels

    Everybody is always late in the never-ending traffic jams, so journalists are visited in person before press conferences, and the events are held twice to have everyone arrive on time. But most importantly, the number of successful businesswomen is growing. Orsi Vásárhelyi accompanied two executives of NNG in Asia from Dubai to Tokyo, and here is the second part of her travel experiences: India.
  • Knee-length skirt and jacket: how do women do business in Dubai?

    A lot of questions are swirling in my head, I am excited, and also a bit frustrated, whether my clothes are going to fit Dubai business life? It is 40 degrees outside, while it is 23 inside, this and my stereotypical thoughts about Arabian culture – it’s a complete chaos. I can see a lot of options from tourist women wearing shorts to chador, but the most common attire is long-sleeved pants with elbow-length tops.