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Simon Forgács

fellow of Bridge Budapest, LogMeIn, Boston, 2013

Second Week in Boston


My second week in Boston started with a new task: several in-house usability tests for a product called BoldChat. This was a good excuse to look around in the office and meet even more people! Since one test can take up to 3 - 4 hours (including scheduling, preparation, testing, time coding and analysis) and I had 7 participants this job took all of my week, but it worthed it! Adam from the Budapest office helped me all the way and we presented my findings for the BoldChat product owners and later I continued my work on designing solutions for the problems we diagnosed.


Unfortunately I had zero free time during the weekdays so I was pretty excited to relax a bit on the weekend. Thanks to one of my old friend I visited a grill party at the Harvard campus where everything was just like in the movies: beautiful set, free unlimited hamburgers and beers! Was awesome!