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Bridge Budapest Research (2017)

Startup attitudes and opportunities among the 20-35 year old Hungarians

  • Compared to 2017 the number of whom have tried any business or commercial activity in the last year has increased – mostly male (2016: 7%, 2017: 27%)
  • The number of people who do not plan to get a job abroad has continously grown in the last year – answering the question if they are planning to get a job abroad in the next 5 years, more and more people said they can not imagine themselves moving (2016:39%, 2017:46%)
  • Among the 20-35 year old generation fewer is willing to leave the country for good – (2014: 27%, 2015: 27%, 2016: 34%, 2017: 36% said they wish to leave Hungary for a long period of time)
  • The respondents expect to reach financial stability at 35 on average
  • After three consecutive years, majority of the respondents do not agree with the following statement: “all depends on luck”
  • Seven out of ten youngster imagine their career in Hungary and wish to be acknowledged here
  • Prezi and LogMeIn Hungary were also mentioned as the most successful Hungarian companies – among university-educated respondents the awareness of Prezi has increased significantly (2016:49%, 2017:60%)

The Bridge Model

  • The Bridge Model can structure the Hungarian society according to entrepreneurial mindset and to monitor changes
  • Compared to 2016 the Bridge Index number decreased (2016:24%, 2017:23%)

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