Barion Payment Information

What is BARION™?

Barion’s electronic payment service, which allows you to conveniently and safely pay by credit card or prepaid balance in webshops, mobile apps, or friends.

The service provider Barion Payment Zrt. is an institution under the supervision of the National Bank of Hungary and its approval number: H-EN-I-1064/2013.

Pay It Comfortably With Your Credit Card

You do not have to sign up for a credit card payment, you need to enter your bank card number, expiration date, CVC code on the back, and a working email address.

However, if you sign up, you never have to type your card number at any Barion acceptance point, enough for your payment to have your e-mail address and password. This is not only comfortable, but it also increases your safety!

Secure online payment provided by Barion Payment Plc. Central Bank of Hungary permit number: H-EN-I-1064/2013

You can use it to pay:

  • Mastercard or Maestro Card
  • Visa or Electron Card
  • Amex Card

Pay It Comfortably Without a Bank Card

If you do not have a bank card, you can use to pay your prepaid Barion balance. You can prepay your balance by transfer by cash or cash, also your acquaintances and businesspeople can send money to you. In this case, you can pay for your e-mail address and password.


Credit card payments are free for the buyer and can not be charged. Registration and the Barion mobile app, as well as money betting and sending is free and will remain. There is no monthly fee either.

Follow Your Shoppings

With Barion apps, you can track your purchases on the web or on the mobile. The free Barion wallet will immediately indicate all your purchases, even you see what you bought. You can also manage your Barion balance here, or send or receive money

Barion Web App Barion on Google Play Barion on App Store

The Safety Is First

Barion’s servers are protected by Norton/Symantec/VeriSign 256 bit SSL encryption. Before paying, always check to make sure you are using the bank card details or password required for payment on your Barion secure server. Your browser indicates green when the payment is secure and payer’s address is identified by Barion Payment Inc [HU].

Barion has the PCI DSS certificate required by a bank card company to handle eligible bank card data. The security of the Barion servers was established in accordance with the provisions of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank – National Bank of Hungary.