Richárd Molnár

Richárd Molnár

fellow of Bridge Budapest, Esports Horizon, Budapest, 2017

3 things I have learned at this Company

This blog post is a brief summary of what I have learned from eSports Horizon in the last 3 months. Although I have been with the Company for a couple of weeks only, I have already gained a lot of new experience and knowledge. I am especially grateful to my colleagues, because they welcomed me with friendliness and helpfulness. I can thank them for my acquiring the skills listed in this post. Let’s get started then:

Skill 1 – Flexibility: I am often asked at job interviews, how well I can adapt to and handle different situations. Usually, I respond with confidence that I am flexible to things and that I am okay with diversity. When I joined this startup, I didn’t think I would need such skills so much. New ideas and plans come up every day at eSports Horizon. Being assigned a completely new project overnight is no surprise, as is the continuation of an ongoing one. During the first couple of weeks, I found this a bit strange, because it happened that I had just gained total focus of a given project when we suddenly started to work on a brand-new idea. Luckily, I have already got used to it; of course, it is not that sure that getting used to so many projects and various brainstorming meetings would have been that easy without the assistance of my colleagues.

Skill 2 – Preparation: Esport is something that sounds familiar to more and more people. Players of electronic sports (or esports in short) are dealing with video games in a professional way, just as competitive sportspersons. Our company also focuses on this market. There was a time, when there were only a few esport video games on the market, most of them were about shooting; nowadays, however, there are a lot of different video games available. When I applied as a “beginner”, I thought that I had sufficient knowledge of the esport market. I was very wrong, because this has so many different and unique factors that I will never be in the position to say that I know 100 percent of it. My colleagues do however help me a lot by sharing a lot of links and information with me, and, thanks to the team, I could meet esport-persons, associations, streamers and other esport-things. This market, as so many other ones, changes rapidly and I should be prepared if I want to keep up with my colleagues in making our company even more successful and recognised in the coming years.

Skill 3 – Teamwork:  I know, I know. Teamwork is a boring expression. But I must mention it. The guys have been working together for ages, so I was a bit afraid, how they would welcome me, but luckily they handled the situation very well. As I have already mentioned previously, we implement several projects and ideas, so appropriate communication is crucial. I think that we did quite well in implementing these plans as a team: if any of us gets stuck or does not understand something, the colleagues are immediately there to help. We are so different during our brainstorming meetings as well, but our common goal makes us accept or improve each other’s ideas. The point is that we would be lost without teamwork on this emerging new market; seeing our teamwork, however, makes me expect that eSports Horizon will be a great success.