Richard Nagy

Richard Nagy

fellow of Bridge Budapest, NNG, Tel Aviv, 2014

First Week

Nevertheless, the door of the CTO opens: greets our man kindly and invites him to his office. After a couple of minutes, the software is customized and installed, which makes the old man especially happy. Yaniv, the technical director catches my concerned glance: „ah, it is truly nothing out of the ordinary, it happens all the time. Now, this man will tell all his acquaintances how good our system is.”

Could something like this happen in Hungary? Not likely, but we could improve on how to serve our customers.

From my point of view it looks really odd that Yaniv is not only the Technical Director of the company, but in one person the lead developer, marketing and sales guy, head of support and legal advisor as well. This week he designed an advertisment for a bag, but also helped his company at court.

So, it was really interesting to see how to combine the agility of the speedup with the efficiency of a normal company.