Luca Szegletes

Luca Szegletes

fellow of Bridge Budapest, Prezi, San Francisco, 2013

Flights, New York City and the stars

After our fellowship have ended, we travelled to New York with Olga, because we became really good friends during the Bridge Budapest Program. The plane was almost empty, they were just a few passengers. Both of us got a whole row, a bunch of space to sleep on. This itself was fantastic, even the trip took “only” 5 hours. On the other hand, getting from the airport to the hostel took 2 more hours, because it’s NEW YORK. I didn’t know until that very moment what traffic jam truly means. As the shuttle slowly reached the City, I felt myself shrinking little by little.

New York is huge. The flashing, colorful images of Times Square, the lake in Central Park, the metro, the Moma, the Opera House. I felt gradually like New York City is eating me alive in a very interesting way.

We were able to see a Broadway Show, which was awesome. I remember one sentence of the show, which I think can sum up my whole Bridge Budapest experience: “You can change the world if you change your mind”.

The last day, we visited the Museum of Natural History and the planetarium as well. The stars always amaze me because when you look at the night sky, in our expanding present we can only see the past (never the present), only the light that reaches us. Well, these blogposts of mine are just like those lights.