Tamás Csonka

Tamás Csonka

fellow of Bridge Budapest, Mosaik, Budapest, 2016

How is it like to work at a startup for real?

When you hear “Startup” the following things come immediately to your mind: Cool, Awesomeness, Directness, Table Tennis Table and lots of IT words. These are all true. However, these things incorporate a great amount of time and hard work invested in this lifestyle. People may arrive at 11 a.m., but work straight until 1 p.m.

My tasks

I was employed as a marketing trainee at Mosaik but my tasks luckily went way beyond this position and I learned a bunch of new things on the way. In spite of the fact that I already knew how to use Photoshop for instance, I learned quite a lot of new skills during my everyday hands-on experience. The biggest change for me was the acceleration of the work rhythm. During one task I learnt what the relevant things are and what can be neglected or even left out without which the final result will not be any worse. This was probably the biggest challenge for me but month after month this has become part of my everyday life until I mastered it. Apart from this I had the chance to participate in the whole process of making our new website, as well as in the organisation of various Workshops and Bootcamps.


As in any workplace work at a startup company is not a bed of roses either. For me the strangest thing was mainly that sometimes we had to complete a lot of separate, completely different tasks in a very short amount of time which I have never experienced before. You can get used to this slowly, for sure, but there will always be a lot of work. (fortunately)

Location / Office

Mosaik itself is in Újlipótváros and occupies more than 1000 m² but you can never feel getting lost because it is usually full of people. The reason for this is simple: we are a Coworking office and an Event location in one. Ever since I am here I am almost sure that there were over 200 events organised, of which 90% had a strong tech-focus, and some of them had a great impact on me, my world view changed by a full 360 degrees thanks to them.

Party at the office

Mosaik life is not only about work despite this. Every 2 weeks on average we organized a party after meetups with free beer and food, or with a speciality drink, where you can meet hundreds of inspiring and interesting people.