Simon Forgács

Simon Forgács

fellow of Bridge Budapest, LogMeIn, Boston, 2013
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Long weekend in San Francisco

Startup Chile mini Alumni

Before my travel to Boston I planned a quick networking visit to San Francisco but only a day before my departure everything around me was still a mess. Normally I don’t fell apart like this but now I even crashed a car. I woke up 4 AM to catch my plane to Frankfurt where I had a connection and where I by accident managed to literally walk out of the airport so I had to go back and go through the security check a second time. Priceless!

I’ve never been in San Francisco before. I found the city to be really amazing in every possible aspect, I really liked it. The city center is surprisingly small therefore I could bike around and check almost everything in a day. While I was there I also met interesting people, made a few important connections, visit Mountain View and even take part in a random Start-Up Chile Alumni meeting! Typically I forgot to use sun cream the whole weekend so I boarded my plane to Boston in a lobster red fashion.