Tamás Csonka

Tamás Csonka

fellow of Bridge Budapest, Mosaik, Budapest, 2016

Pirate Summit – Part II

We woke up with the right and necessary excitement on the morning following the first day. After breakfast, we went immediately to the festival. The first remarkable thing was that it was much more crowded than on the preceding day, as everybody had arrived. The stands were set up during the night and the people were ready to answer and fulfil all the questions and requests of their visitors! We had great weather, which also made us thirsty quite some times, and we could also have great meals, without leaving the festival area. There was a small food stand on every corner and one could have a hot dog or a burger or some pasta with meat there.

After getting to the end of meeting all the startups who had set up a stand at the festival, and getting some useful business cards, we could go on to that step of our trip which we actually had come for. The talks started! I would however come back to the business cards for a second and tell that networking and the clarification of relationships were quite funny here. You can see the offline LinkedIn below!

One part of the talks and speeches had a purely tech focus and were about forward-looking cutting-edge technologies and about the question where we could be in a couple of years and what the future has for us. The fire-side chats were rather about stories and wanted to use examples to illustrate the issues startup-founders would face and how they can try to overcome them.

The thing that was perhaps the most interesting to me was that one of the founders of Buffer, Leo Widrich wound up and told us the story of the entire company and he also mentioned where they were and where they would be going in the future. There were always breaks between the talks and one could take them to discover the venue again.

You could sometimes meet robots randomly assembled from old bicycles which could drive slowly, and one of the colleagues was also testing the new glasses of Microsoft during the entire event. It was very interesting, I talked with this person more than one times. He was wearing the VR glasses called HoloLens all the time and he could place objects in the area mapped in advance and anybody wearing the device could see them!

The next day was the same fun, particularly because there was a small party with separate parts each having its own DJ and music genre every evening. To close the entire programme, they burnt a huge scarecrow-like puppet while music concert was played in the background. This was a great experience to me and I hope to get here once again in the future. I would like to thank Csongor, Norbi, the Mosaik and Bridge Budapest for making this great experience possible to me!