Richárd Molnár

Richárd Molnár

fellow of Bridge Budapest, Esports Horizon, Budapest, 2017

Ready, steady, go!

Nowadays, I often hear people of my generation say that they do not like their workplace for various reasons, such as they do not like the colleagues, their work is monotonous, they are not appreciated that much and so on. Luckily, this is not the case with me.

I started my fellowship at eSports Horizon in early October. The name of my position at the company is assistant marketing manager. I can say thank you for this to Bridge Budapest,, Esports Horizon and the knowledge I have got abroad.

I was excited to start working with the team. Luckily, there has not been anything to my disappointment. I enjoy my job and I do not look at the clock all the time to see when I can call it a day. Also the team welcomed me warmheartedly. They would always listen to my questions and ideas. I joined a well-built, mature team where the members can work perfectly together and on their own as well.

They did not want me for the regular coffeemaking or responding to emails and phone calls. They have wanted to hear my ideas right from the first day and they often use them. As it is a startup firm, the environment develops quickly, so I do not only deal with marketing. The projects are diverse and offer many challenges. Which I am very happy for, because I can learn and see a lot of things this way. This does not allow my job to get monotonous, which can really brighten up my days.

Even the office is a comfy one. It is very inspiring, reassuring and gratifying to us, great fans of video games that our favourite characters, heroes and villains are there around us on the walls and shelves. I worked on plenty of projects and attended a lot of events in the first month.

The top event in the last couple of days was the conference on the relationship between sport and esport where we were also invited. We attended very interesting talks and could then network with sport and esport representatives. This offered a lot of experience to me.

Our team has also been to PlayIT, the greatest event for geeks in Hungary recently. I was excited to see how we perform. I think that we were very successful at the event. We were perfect in organising the races and we could show PlayIT members what our company stands for. Moreover, I was also assigned the organisation of a competition on one of my most favourite video games.

I was a bit worried in the beginning; how would I tackle the whole situation, but it felt great that the others laid their trust in me to assign me such an important task. I think I have found the perfect workplace for me. It offers a sufficient amount of challenges, pushes me out of my comfort zone, enriches me with experience and relationships. And I can enjoy the full support of my colleagues. In addition, I have the chance to work on diverse and exciting projects. There is nothing I could complain about and I hope that it would stay like this.