Annamária Rotár

Annamária Rotár

fellow of Bridge Budapest, Konetik, Budapest, 2016

The first days at Konetik

I started my scholarship as a marketing manager at Konetik in the second week of October. Leaving the culture of a big corporation and joining a startup meant a 180 degree turn to me. I was used to a strong hierarchy, uniform offices, and then I found myself in the middle of a constantly changing environment, where I was in an office with a full height fantasy feature wall and bicycles leaned to the wall.

The team welcomed me very warmly. I can turn to anybody with my questions and ideas. The regular common lunches and the 2 team dinners I have been to so far regularly bring the team together. What really amazed me during my tenure here was that people really liked to come to this workplace. If they start to loose energy, one can always find some chocolate biscuits in the cupboard.

The rapidly changing events do not let my tasks grow boring. I sometimes set up Facebook campaigns, liaise with potential customers or do correspondence about the finalisation of an article for the online newspaper, Index. Intense changes do however imply unpredictability. Agile working makes it difficult to precisely plan what I will do in the second part of the week, which is both an opportunity and a challenge.

As the only marketing specialist, I have a lot of freedom to unfold my talent, right from planning to implementation, which is very exciting. I can figure out the structure for the articles and the topics of advertisements and Facebook campaigns. Freedom however implies responsibility: there won’t be anyone else to do it instead of me.