László Keresztes

László Keresztes

fellow of Bridge Budapest, Ustream, San Francisco, 2013

Third week

I spent the third week very actively. While at the office I basically continued to work on the same tasks that I had been doing in the past weeks, in the afternoons I went to meetups, cultural events, sightseeing trips and did some sports too.

In my daily tasks there were some minor changes. For example in my business analyst role beside continuing to help to the analysts to learn how to use the newly introduced analytical tool I had to create some analysis based on one of Ustream’s product. After that I had to document the results of my analysis and share the results with the other analysts. In addition I helped Patrick (who is a marketing trainee at the company) to learn the basic concept of the SQL (database query language). The reason why he needed this was that there was a training session in this week in the same topic but it was too much so he needed these step by step training sessions that we had together.

On wednesday after work I managed to schedule a cultural event the Nightlife at the Academy. This is very similar to the Hungarian event called the “Night of Museums”, the only difference between these events is that the nightlife at the Academy is organized more often (weekly) but it takes place only in one museum, the California Academy Of Sciences. The museum itself is very diverse because it has exhibitions about flora and fauna, geology, astronomy and other fields of science. What was really cool that there were a lot of interactive parts at these exhibitions, such as an earthquake simulator and a planetarium where we watched a short 3D movie about how Earth’s tectonic plates move and how this cause earthquakes.

On the last day of the week our colleague Warren invited us to play soccer which surprised me because in the US soccer is not as popular as in Europe. We met in Golden Gate park which is the biggest and most famous park of San Francisco (it’s similar to New York’s Central Park). The first surprise was followed by the second when we realized that there are several soccer fields inside the park. Although in most of these courts people played american football or ultimate frisbee there were some guys who chose to play soccer to spend their Sunday afternoon just like we did.