Tamás Csonka

Tamás Csonka

fellow of Bridge Budapest, Mosaik, Budapest, 2016

What you can learn at a Startup?

There is one thing that is continuous, constant and growing at a startup: learning. You have to learn something new every day. You will not survive otherwise. 🙂 I was lucky because I had an immensely experienced, professional mentor: Norbi Dragán. My mentor and friend, I think I can say the latter one, because the work we spent together sure wasn’t always about monotony!

What’s more, every project, every task was an adventure describing a linear way. I learned how to consider various aspects and not be afraid of the things that I had never used before or had not ever heard of. You are simply forced into a situation, meaning that there is no choice in a certain situation, but only a solution that should be as perfect as possible. I think I’ve received a very open and broad education and wise thoughts in this regard. At the end I felt like a handyman who can solve anything if he reads about and studies the matter a bit! 🙂

The task was editing video recordings, managing social media platforms, launching email campaigns, growth-hacking and creating marketing materials with vector graphics or raster methods; and all this with very tight deadlines all the time! In addition, I had the chance to monitor our event management interfaces and the entire Google Analytics platform. I passed every day increasing my knowledge. A little bit here, and then a little bit there.

And I had been in situations as well where I could say or show something new because I was so much into the thing that I used my private time at home or my breaks to look for interesting things on the internet or in various resources. I have been using these skills ever since and I am immensely grateful for having been given the chance to obtain them because in 2017 these are essential things without which one could not exist in the online media!