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László Vad

fellow of Bridge Budapest, CodeBerry Programming School, Budapest
  • Aftermovie - László Vad

  • The True Meaning of Bridge Budapest

    As I'm writing this, my fellowship is nearing its end. In the past months I've gained new knowledge, practiced skills I didn't even know I had and had rare opportunities opened up for me.
  • We do things that matter

    The first guy whom we helped to find a job was a baker. He used to work in one of the supermarkets of a large retail chain and he used our site to learn to write software codes in his breaks. (He could do that as there is obviously nothing to do while one waits for the bread to get baked.)
  • What Does It Mean to Be Lean?

    So, I come from a medical background. My mother is a doctor, and I’ve graduated as a doctor too. Which is somewhat funny, because now I work at a technology startup. Life is a punchline sometimes.
  • My Adventures at a Hungarian Startup vol. 1. – Take care of the people first

    - Okay, so the only thing we still need is your birthday. - My birthday? - Yes, so that we know when to say happy birthday to you. We have this event every quarter, when we eat out somewhere together, and we celebrate company events, birthdays and stuff. So, when were you born?