László Vad

László Vad

fellow of Bridge Budapest, CodeBerry Programming School, Budapest, 2016

We do things that matter

The first guy whom we helped to find a job was a baker. He used to work in one of the supermarkets of a large retail chain and he used our site to learn to write software codes in his breaks. (He could do that as there is obviously nothing to do while one waits for the bread to get baked.)

I can remember the interview at the website development agency which hired him. It was his trial week: he went in to work and got real tasks from his future team.

We called the company on Thursday to ask how things were. The recruitment manager told us that things had gone well so far, but the real test would be the next day when the entire office would be listening to the music of the new guy. He told us that this would show if he really fits into the team. We laughed and put down the phone. We strongly suspect that they liked his sort of music because they hired him on the next week.

This is one of my favourite stories about CodeBerry. It tells me what we do does matter. We help people change their living conditions.

I believe that all problems have a direct and fundamental reason, and it is much more worth working on the latter. There is a saying that you either give fish to a person or teach him how to catch fish. At CodeBerry we teach fishing.

 This makes this company the most interesting and most inspiring place I have worked so far.