Luca Szegletes

Luca Szegletes

fellow of Bridge Budapest, Prezi, San Francisco, 2013

A to B

They say everything is huge in the US. The squares, the streets, the cars, the sidewalks, the honks, even the possibilities. They also say that San Francisco is the most European-like city.

But San Francisco is not just a city. San Francisco is constructed of different colorful worlds moving and whispering on the map. Each district has a personality and a story to tell. And that’s why San Francisco feels like home and everyone finds their place in its mysteries.

I want to be like this city: open and diverse.

For now I’m a PhD student. From the outside, it could be seen as I’m sitting somewhere in a waiting room between the life of a student and adulthood. Fortunately, from the inside it’s more dynamic. The primary purpose of my research is to create applications for children with disabilities using human-machine interfaces. I’m living in this project, but I know that pure research never exists in reality because it has many levels and layers. To be successful and effective the research requires its whole, specific environment. I have applied for this fellowship program with the purpose of learning to create this unique environment.

Out of the three companies I applied only to Prezi for two reasons. First, I love creative thinking and when I’m using their zoom-able presentation tool, I’m more creative. Second, I liked the office atmosphere. As a woman in STEM, it is always an A+ for me, when a workplace is so judgment free.