Péter Ungvári

Péter Ungvári

fellow of Bridge Budapest, Prezi, San Francisco, 2013

My Dream, My Story

Every story needs to have protagonist. We all know the traditional ones: the Hero, the World Traveller, the Youngest-But-Always-Successful, the One-With-A-Tragic-End or the Survivor from Hollywood. There’s a story however which is much more realistic and outstandingly important for me: I joined into that few months ago and now I’m writing from the other side of the world to share my thoughts with You, especially the ones that can be interesting, useful or even motivating.

I am Peter Ungvári, a Chemical Engineering BSc student at Budapest University of Technology and I work as a marketing intern in the San Francisco office of Prezi Inc., thanks to the fellowship program of Bridge Budapest. In my homeland my two sister and a brother, my parents, my girlfriend and many of my friends have helped me to accomplish my dream. The slogan of my application is also connected with this thought: “I dream. I do.” I began my application process as a Marketing-Design hybrid and tried to make use of the strengths of each field in the other and on a June morning, 5 a.m. I received an e-mail with the following text: “Congratulations, Prezi has chosen you in the field of marketing as a fellow!” I woke up all members of my family with whooping (sorry again). (Despite the fact I failed the exam that day, I just couldn’t be moody.)

After many meetings, conversation, visa administration on 28 September I got on the board of a plane for the first time in my life, and after 17 hours of flight I took my first steps on American soil. I had browsed through lots of sites about the city, I had an incredibly long bullet list of the sights in my head but when I arrived, reality bashed me on the head. The skyscrapers, the ocean, palms (it’s not Miami, but here are plenty of them!), and many little things that distinguish this society from the one I’ve been living for 19 years.

Csaba Faix a, a riporter from TV2 welcomed me on the SF airport, we helped each other—they gave me a ride to Club Quarters (the hotel I stay at) and I answered some questions for an interview. Well, it was really hard to set apprehensive answers together, I hope I was successful 🙂 After arrival I entered my room and said: “I arrived.” After so much time and project tasks, the story I could just dream about in April finally began.