Doris Heisler

Doris Heisler

fellow of Bridge Budapest, Nanushka, Budapest, 2017

The end of my fellowship

Who would have thought that six months could go by so quickly? My internship is almost over and the time has come to write my last post for Bridge. 

The past few months have been very exciting for Nanushka as the company is continuously growing and expanding. There have been many new faces since I have started working here, such as a Spanish woman, with whom I was even able to practice my Spanish skills.

How I actually got here. When I got sent a link to this opportunity my first thought was, that they’d never have what I am looking for. I quickly scanned the start-ups listed and low and behold, there it was: an opportunity at Nanushka as a digital marketing intern. After making a video application, trial tasks and interviews, some time went by before getting the call that I made it, but it was worth the wait.

In these last six months I had the advantage to experience first-hand what life at Nanushka was like, with its ups and downs. During this time my work with the Digital Director in the Marketing department allowed me insights into how to use the Google Search and Display Networks. I got to know tools such as Google AdWords, Google Analytics, heat-mapping tools, planning tools and scheduling tools. Many of these I have never even heard of before or I have known of it but did not have direct experience.

I think it is very important that there be organisations such as Bridge Budapest in Hungary, because not only do they offer internship opportunities with start-ups, but they make sure that the intern has an actual position where they can learn and practice their profession, develop new skills and get to know more experienced colleagues.

Through designating a mentor for the intern they make sure that you always have a point person in the organisation, even if the mentor is not the only one delegating you your tasks. It was also very reassuring that if anything were to go wrong at the company, we could reach out to Bridge Budapest and they would help us out.

I think many people have this fear still, that the only thing you can do as an intern at an organisation is to make coffee. And maybe that is still the case at larger businesses, but I felt like Bridge made sure that that would not be the case for any of the interns in their fellowship programme.

All in all, I learnt a lot and would encourage everyone to apply for a fellowship at Bridge. I would also like to thank Bridge Budapest and Nanushka for giving me an excellent opportunity to learn and grow.