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Gergő Horányi

fellow of Bridge Budapest, Prezi, San Francisco, 2013
  • Aftermovie - Gergő Horányi

  • An unexpected continuation of an adventure

    Many people asks, what's changed in my life since I applied for the Bridge Budapest Fellowship. I have to say, a lot.
  • Things I miss the most

    After being home for a while now, I started to have a strange feeling. At the beginning it was hard to realise what is it actually, but now I know. I am homesick. Even though I spend most of my life here in Budapest and I spent only a month in San Francisco, I miss it. And I miss it a lot. I tried to collect the random things I miss since I left San Francisco.
  • In the middle of the IT world

    It was an ordinary foggy morning in San Francisco. Except one fact: It was the day of the New Tech Crawl 2014. It’s an event for all kinds of people to visit the best tech offices in San Francisco Downtown. And you know what? This year it started from Prezi. While more than hundred people were drinking coffee and having breakfast in our office, the Prezilians showed them what are they really proud of.
  • My first Bridge Budapest week

    Arrival, acclimatization, getting to know things. After tons of paperwork, getting a visa, cancelled Air France flights, I was finally sitting on a plane. And not just to anywhere. My destination was waiting for me 10000 kilometers away: San Francisco. As a Bridge Budapest fellow, I could join for month to Prezi’s Website Team. It is a huge opportunity.