Marci Csuzi

Marci Csuzi

fellow of Bridge Budapest, Prezi, San Francisco, 2014

According to Facebook Mark Zuckerberg is an animal

Everyone can see Mark participating on meetings day by day. The sign that says „Please don’t photograph the animals” on the glass walls of this meeting room is a good example of the lighthearted atmosphere that is typical to these new generation tech companies.

These Silicon Valley companies are nothing like any other international companies. At Facebook, Prezi and most of the startups ideas matter. The company counts on the ideas and intuitions of the employees, and asks them to question the methods and come up with better solutions. And in the case of Facebook it’s not only about the software but about the campus as well. My favorite feature of the Facebook HQ is the game room full of arcade machines, which was suggested by some of the employees. Facebook encouraged them to do it. Another great idea is a table that was also suggested by employees, which is full of phones that are used in the third world, so the employees can try out how people use their software in the developing countries.

But how can you get in?
Well, Facebook always looks for hiring the best ones. They want people that are experts at their field, the ones that have been investing countless hours of work and effort to master something. Practice makes perfect, and these guys have been choosing to learn or play around with coding languages instead of watching reality shows or have a drink with friends. This is the part you never see in movies, the thousands of hours invested, the long nights of sweat and tears, the missed parties and all the sacrifices made. But these things are essential to succeed, and to be hired by Facebook. So if you have not yet mastered some useful skill or programming language you might as well start now and sacrifice watching TV or going out.

Trust me It will be worth it in the long run!