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Simon Forgács

fellow of Bridge Budapest, LogMeIn, Boston, 2013
  • Simon Forgács's video: In Boston

  • The End

    On my last weekend I made a quick visit to the Kiva Systems HQ - they are that company which famous from its warehouse robots and where recently acquired by Amazon.
  • Last week

    It became obvious that I ran out of time and I can’t participate in all the projects I planned to. This made me a bit sad since every new project mean a new team and a new exciting problem to solve!
  • Second Week in Boston

    My second week in Boston started with a new task: several in-house usability tests for a product called BoldChat. This was a good excuse to look around in the office and meet even more people!
  • First week in Boston

    On my first day we made a list with Brian based from the available projects I can join during the program based on my interests.
  • Arrival to Boston and my first day at the Office

    I was still waiting for my departure at the San Francisco airport when I accidently ran into Eric - a good friend from Santiago - who was also flying to one of the oldest city in the country: Boston!
  • Long weekend in San Francisco

    Before my travel to Boston I planned a quick networking visit to San Francisco but only a day before my departure everything around me was still a mess...
  • Life in the Budapest Office

    LogMeIn is based in Boston, with offices in London, Bangalore, Sydney and Budapest where the products are developed.
  • First day

    After an early morning workout, I opened the roughly 10 feet tall wooden door with a gold-plated handle of the LogMeIn office in Budapest...
  • Who, Why?

    I was in Brazil when I applied for the Bridge Budapest Fellowship program and in Hungary when I received an email titled “Congratulation! LogMeIn have chosen you as a fellow!”